Transition to our own IPv4 & v6 IP prefixes


All testing completed, and no preparation works remain for this change.

However, the transition itself has been shifted back to 25-28 January 2019.

Please stay tuned for further updates. Many thanks for your patience here.

Maintenance Planned

Thank you for your patience throughout the various major works that we’re performing at the moment.

Due to the extensive nature of the current works, the IP transition has been delayed but it’s finally happening.

Our prefixes (assigned to INKSYSTEMS-AU):
IPv6: 2404:2440::/32

  • We have completed testing of the new prefixes, and they are confirmed to be working correctly
  • Where customers are using external DNS for their domain, we’ll email you the relevant IP change
  • Changes will be made one server at a time, with each being tested from an external system to verify
  • Our old IP space (that we lease from our data centre provider) will remain online as a roll-back option
  • Reverse DNS (PTR) records for customers’ static and server IP addresses will be retained and checked
  • The changes will be made on the Friday evening to allow the weekend for DNS updates to propagate

Please let us know should you have any queries or concerns about this transition.

(We’re nearing the end of the upgrade works that require physical changes)

13 Affected Services: